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November 2019
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Due to popular demand, Ambience Lighting are delighted to announce that we have introduced  our luxury range of Vintage LED Lamps.This includes a range of UK designed and developed unique LED filament which warms in colour temperature as they are dimmed.After years of development by a leading UK Lighting Designers, Ambience Lighting are privileged to have been asked to provide this exclusive range

LED Tape V Digital Pixel TapeThe main difference is that with LED tape (AL-5050-60-RGB or AL-5050-30-RGB), all the LEDs are controlled as one. If you change the colour ofthe tape from for example blue to red then the whole length of tape changes to the same colour. LED tape is a fantastic option for changing or enhancing theambience and atmosphere in a venue

With Digital Pixel Tape, by controlling each individual pixel you can create a variety of chasing effects. When several strips of tape are placed together you can create fantastic imagery and effects which will amaze the onlooker. To achieve this, you will need to use a variety of different control options, please contact us for assistance.It was only a few years ago that the

Not all LED tape is the same, at Ambience Lighting Ltd we are focused on offering the professional market with the very best in LED Lighting. With our extensive range of LED Tapes, we supply LED tapes (ribbon) that are colour matched with all the LED’s binned the same. This allows our customers full confidence that if the project is extended or more tape

(UK) – TechLED has opened up its operational reach to encompass two new avenues of business.UK-based specialist design and supply company for LED lighting equipment TechLED incorporated Ambience Lighting into its business framework and also launched a hire division for specialist LED lighting products. (UK) – TechLED has opened up its operational reach to encompass two new avenues of business.  UK-based specialist design and supply