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  -  News   -  Difference Between LED tape and Digital Pixel Tape

LED Tape V Digital Pixel Tape

The main difference is that with LED tape (AL-5050-60-RGB or AL-5050-30-RGB), all the LEDs are controlled as one. If you change the colour of
the tape from for example blue to red then the whole length of tape changes to the same colour. LED tape is a fantastic option for changing or enhancing the
ambience and atmosphere in a venue such as a bar, hotel , restaurant and many other locations.

With Digital Pixel Tape (including our 2813 IC digital pixel tape launched in 2017), you have individual control of each of the LEDs. By having such control a digital
addressable strip can create amazing effects from a simple chasing effect where the LEDs light up one by one through to much more complex and astounding
lighting effects where you can create images and effects which have the WOW factor.

Ambience Lighting- Making Visions A Reality

Pixel Control

To create these fantastic effects, you can use a preprogrammed simple stand alone controller or, for the professional, use one of our Madrix or Arkaos option. 

With all pixel projects we are here to help and come up with the best solutions for your requirements.

Gordon Addison (TECH LED) has decades of experience in the industry and has facilitated, coordinated and been involved in some of the most prestigious digital pixel projects. If you would like advice or, for us to look at a particular project then please email- or
or call us on 01603 963695

Ambience Lighting- Making Visions A Reality