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With Digital Pixel Tape, by controlling each individual pixel you can create a variety of chasing effects. When several strips of tape are placed together you can create fantastic imagery and effects which will amaze the onlooker.

To achieve this, you will need to use a variety of different control options, please contact us for assistance.

It was only a few years ago that the most popular type of Digital Pixel tape was the WS/SK 2801, this is a 12 volt tape where the LED and IC are mounted separately. As time has moved on, the technology has developed and the most popular voltage of Digital Pixel Tape is now 5 volts. The IC and LED have also been mounted together and this has led to an improvement in both quality and durability- the S2812B.

At Ambience Lighting we specialise in providing the very best in Digital Pixel tape and due to the known voltage drop after 2.5 – 3 metres, we have introduced a thicker PCB which has reduced this issue. In reality using our AL-PT2812B products you can power 4 metres and should not have a voltage drop.

There are several options of AL-PT2812B, these include RGB, Single colour and RGBW options. The amount of pixels per metre varies from 32, 60 and 144 pixels per metre. With the 144 option, this comes in one metre lengths and not the five metre lengths that the others come in.

Late in 2017, we introduced our customers to the NEW AL-PT2813 option which with two data signals, this means that if a pixel is accidently damaged the signal passes through the damaged pixel to the next one. With the 2812B option, the signal will end at the damaged Pixel. This means that until the Pixel is removed the remainder of the tape from the damaged Pixel onwards won’t work.

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